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Downtown Vernon Attractions, Murals and Wall Art

The Downtown Vernon Association is home to numerous downtown Vernon attractions including considerable resources invested into the creation of over 28 amazing works of art that grace our downtown buildings. These murals depict the history, culture, scenery, and folklore that made Vernon what it is today.


The mural project was a multi-year collaborative effort that included youth employment, revitalization, and heritage conservation strategies. One of our newest downtown Vernon attractions is an addition to the murals which was painted in the summer of 2013 and is located on the side of the Sutton Building, at 2749 30th Street. It depicts the Internment Camps in Canada during WW1, one of which was in Vernon.

Many thanks to the Government of Canada, City of Vernon, Artists, Community and Downtown Merchants, all who supported the projects.

Downtown Vernon Attractions Mural
Want to take the Mural Tour on your own?

We have a map for that!

Public Art

The Downtown Vernon Association is committed to promoting the downtown core as a unique and dynamic tourist destination. The goal is to continue to enhance downtown Vernon attractions and the area for its businesses, citizens, and visitors through the integration of public art in public places. At its root, public art increases the overall sense of place, as well as help promote tourism, which has the multiplier effect of contributing to the economic vitality of downtown Vernon.

Currently, public art is integrated throughout the city with the majority of public art pieces located in the downtown area. However beautiful the artwork is, the public art in Vernon has gaps. As a result, it is the vision of the Public Art Master Plan to outline ways in which the DVA can continue to develop public art projects by involving businesses, artists, and the community.

RespectFest Mosaic River located in Cenotaph Park

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