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Downtown Dollars

Have you received Downtown Dollars and now you want to know where you can redeem them?  Below is a list of the near 100 downtown Vernon merchants, currently accepting Downtown Dollars! We add new businesses to the program constantly.

Our NEW plastic gift cards offer thousands of possibilities. From Spa treatments, hair-cuts, games, shoes, groceries, jewelry, chocolates, clothes, dinners and so much more! You can load up as much as you like, up to $500 max.   Balance stays downtown and you can even order items online. for delivery and even phone in orders (utilizing the number on the back).

  • There is a phone number on the back of the card, to call to retrieve your balance.  All cards have a special card number on the back (which can also be used for online shopping, or food orders like a credit card).   Upon calling the number on the back, you enter in that special number and you will instantly receive your balance.  Businesses will not know your balance, as card was purchased by us.

GIFT GIVING MADE EASIER.  Contact us for further amazing details.

To purchase Downtown Dollars as a gift idea, please contact us at 250-542-5851 / to arrange a visit/card pick up.

See list of our businesses that accept Downtown Dollars below...

DT Dollars image
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