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Active Transport in Downtown Vernon

Safety is typically the number one debate when it comes to cycling in Vernon. While people like the idea of being able to ride their bikes from place to place, it stops when it comes to actually getting on their bike because of the perception that riding in Vernon is dangerous.

Over the past few years, the City of Vernon has been working with that feedback to create safe cycling lanes that stretch from one end of town to the other and has also improved cycling infrastructure with the addition of more bike racks. Hopefully, in the near future, we will also see bike repair stations along the active transportation corridor that runs through downtown Vernon.

With the increase in popularity of cycling and active transportation, it is great to see businesses like Vernon E Ride (located at 2800 29th street) help to contribute to the movement and provide mobility opportunities for people of different ages and physical conditions.

As cycling lane improvements are being made, the City of Vernon has also been selected to participate in a provincial 3-year pilot program to examine the use of electric kick scooters for personal transportation in Vernon. Along with cycling and E Bikes, kick scooters are a sustainable way to get around. Participation in this pilot program also ties in with Vernon’s Climate Action Plan scheduled to be endorsed this month

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